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Great team!! They work together and work for the client!!

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These are world class profesionals who work harder and smarter than anyone we have worked with over the years. We have bought and sold many houses and their service, experience,and follow through has been the best

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Amazing job! Every bit of direction given turned out to be the right direction. Had a great read of the market and helped facilitate a very smooth sell.




It’s important to set the right price from the start. One of the biggest mistakes we see sellers make is over or under price their home. Often, the seller mistakenly assumes they should price high, to leave wiggle room for negotiations. The problem is most buyers set their price range before they begin looking for a home, so when you price high, you automatically price outside of the range of many potential buyers.


The other issue is when you overprice your home, the buyers in your price range will pick up on it, and it can have them going the other direction fast... No one wants to give an overpriced property a second look. To avoid this pesky seller mistake, make sure you use comparative market analysis (comps) to determine what figure to price your home at, or ask us our professional opinion- we are glad to help!


Not everyone is looking for a fixer upper. In fact, the majority of home-buyers are seeking a move-in ready home with modern amenities and recently updated fixtures.


To make the most of your home, consider investing a little money on the front end for payoff when buyers come calling. Keep in mind the entry way is the first part of the home buyers see, so it should be polished and maintained. Clean your gutters, patch holes, fix squeaky steps, upgrade your screen door, and address any poorly functioning faucets or toilets. If it's on your "to-fix" list, a buyer will notice it as well.


If you aren’t a seasoned professional, consider hiring a strong real estate agent with sales to back up their track record to help sell your home. This is their career, and the continued education classes they are required to take, the networking groups they are members of, and the day-to-day experience really makes for unsurpassed knowledge.


A realtor understands the market, neighborhoods, what’s selling around you, and for what price. He or she can tell you when an offer is reasonable, when the buyer isn’t serious, and help you negotiate smartly. The best agents are transparent with their sales record, will outline a process tailored to your needs, and walk you through all the steps of buying a home.

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