Russell H.

We had a great experience working with Sam and his team. This is the second time we bought and and sold a house with them. They helped us price the home correctly on original listing, make the adjustment after evaluating the market after two weeks, and then negotiating the final price that led to the  sale. Their knowledge of the Williamson County area was helpful. We recommend Sam and we would use him again, if we purchase another home.

John L.

We loved working with The Logan Team!! Everyone was very diligent about keeping us up to date on all the latest listings, which was crucial in the hot housing market here in Nashville!

Josh C.

This team is the lone shinning light in the dark storm that was the closing of our home. They were right there fighting for us would take time out of their personal lives to ensure that we were satisfied and fought tooth and nail to get us into our dream home. I wish there were more  people in this business that cared for their customers like The Logan Team... They were all amazing and will be recommending them to anyone wanting a home in the Nashville area.




Sometimes, buyers might not trust the real estate agent they are working with. However, fiduciary relationships are based on trust. First things first: hire an agent you believe in and continue to take their advice to heart. 

Your buyer's agent wants you to win and wants you to buy the home of your dreams. Every real estate market is different, and your agent might give you advice that you find difficult to agree with or understand. Keep asking questions until you feel comfortable. Based on their continued education and best knowledge of surrounding areas, invest in knowing that your agent is the best person to advise you about any given real estate market.


More often than not (and especially in a hot-spot such as Nashville) buyers might not realize that market conditions often demand a pre-approval letter. Sellers are more likely to consider an offer if it comes with proof from the bank that the buyer can afford it.


A buyer might feel differently and believe that once the buyer decides to buy the home, then the buyer will get a pre-approval letter, but that is a misunderstanding. Not only that, but in the time it takes to get a preapproval letter, another buyer who is already qualified could swoop in and snatch the home away while the first buyer is waiting for approval. Just think of it this way: the pre-approval letter is not for your agent or for you...It's for the seller. 


There's no two ways about it: buying a home is an emotional decision. It's normal for buyers to want the best home they can possibly afford, but sometimes emotions can overrule financial common sense and the budget you decide that best fits your means.

Don't be afraid to buy a home that might have all of the basic requirements as far as configuration and location, but might need a touch of TLC. If you can buy a home within the limits you set for yourself, you'll probably sleep better at night, and you won't experience buyer's remorse. Who knows- you may even have a little left over for small renovations. Keep your eyes and hearts open for that truly affordable home for the season of life you are in.

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